The magazine won't stay in my A17.




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    Mike Matulovich

    Mag kept falling out, either when the bolt catch was released or after the first round fired. Very disappointed but I did manage to get the scope sighted. Took it home and took a closer look. Even though it was making a good audible click the mag catch lever was not engaging all the way. I gave it a firm slap with the heel of my hand like you might do with a semi auto pistol and it caught, every time. Took it out to the field out back and a dozen or so bushy tailed ground rats paid the price of my success. Never a hiccup after that. Also ran a full mag at rapid fire too, no problem. I am happy.


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    Mine is difficult it get seated properly to. I have 2 friends with the exact same rifle and they have the same problem.

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    Sharon Harris

    I am having the same problem.  I have 2 original 10 round magazines and 3 Butler Creek 25 round magazines made for A-17.  I have tried everything I know.  Being sure the charger is back.  Hearing the audible click.  Does not matter which magazine I use.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.  I too have a friend with the same complaint.  Why is there no video showing a better way for magazine installation?  Maybe it is just a weak point in design.  Help.  I love this rifle.  Sage rats do not wait for me to fool around with the magazines.


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    Willie Youles

    Had the same problem, try using a shim under the front action block, between the action and stock. fixed my problem. I used a washer cut down to fit in the stock.


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